Unique opportunity to share your creations

Hey everyone!
We from the German Ocean Foundation think that the precious plastic project is a great initiative and would love for more people to hear about it.

We are a non-profit organization who is starting an initiative together with the world’s largest watersport and boats fair the “boot Düsseldorf”, to raise awareness about the oceans problems, including plastic pollution. For that, we are preparing a collective stand at said fair.

We are convinced, that the precious plastic machines are the perfect addition to that initiative but unfortunately we do not know anyone who has built it.
Luckily Dave has created a community of very ambitious and passionate people, and we would love to bring one or some of you on board!

If you are interested in sharing your work and enabling Dave’s project to reach just over 250.000 people in a week, then we would love to get in touch with you.

If we caught your attention please contact us at boot@globalgreen.info.
We are optimistically looking forward to you!

The German Ocean Foundation



That sound like a great opportunity to raise awareness. Here I tag some members from Germany who might be interested in collaborating:












Thank you very much for narrowing down the possibilities!