Unique possibility to work with Precious Plastic machines!

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In Culemborg, the Netherlands, I am setting up a pilot with a couple of companies to make them enthusiastic about using recycled plastic in their products / packaging. See:

Primeur in Culemborg met vernieuwende aanpak Circulaire Economie

We are setting up a production line of Precious Plastic machines. Want to be part of this first movers initiative and work with the machines?

Please drop me a line at connect@oceanimpact.nl

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Willemijn Peeters


hmm 8 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean each year. Someone needs to convert a fishingboat.

who is going to this event? Dave H. are you going as well?

See the latest update on http://www.seariousbusiness.com

Update on the local recovery & reproduction of plastic materials – in Culemborg, the Netherlands:

Culemborg Circulair focuses on keeping plastic materials ‘in the loop’. Local businesses use a ‘Living Lab’ to re-design and test using products made of recycled plastics.

So far, we have made an overview of the plastic leftover streams from companies, and what demands and wishes the companies have with regard to using recycled plastics. We have assembled the machines for the production line, and officially launched the small-scale production line in September 2016!

A number of major companies have joined this hands-on initiative. Avri, the waste collector, collaborates with us to get us the used plastics we need.

I started all this, with Searious Business. My team consists of a trainee of the Technical University of Delft, together with 3 professors, and 6 students to operate the machines, several product designers, and a handful of volunteers. 
The TUDelft is the one designing the process and product we aim to produce with recycled plastics. So far, we are looking at several applications for the furniture business and packaging materials.

Join & make your own show case
Furthermore, other parties asked me to produce other products for them, from recycled plastics. Like reservoirs for rain (household use). I am open to discuss all possibilities.

What kind of product do you want to get from recycled plastic? Let me know and join us!