URGENT HELP NEEDED Changing shredding axe diamete

Hello everyone,

I need some help of experienced shredder builder around the world 🙂

My potential steel supplier told me he can only get the steel bar in 28mm diameter.
I understand that this change requires the hole in the shredding knifes to be adjusted to 28mm diameter, too.

Are there any other impacts?
Any other parts that need to be changed?
Will this change cause any problems e.g. due to not enough space in the box or something?

Any advice is appreciated.
Thank you for your help.


I should have mentioned that the change is from 27mm to 28mm…

Do It!

I have done it in australia up to 28.25mm A/F and the hex bar is 1/10th of a mm less.

make sure the hole stays centred on the drawing and have fun.

While you are playing around the aspect ratio is wrong on it. have a look.

Thank you very much @ashrak

Any other opinions out there?

It should only be the rotating knifes and spacer that need to be adjusted.