[USA]Company Making Shredder parts updated Oct2019

Hello guys!

The company that is working with me to get the shredder parts is called “BBC Steel” and they are located in Oregon.

New Prices as of Oct 2019: ( so far the lowest in USA)
– 1 set $425.00
– 2-5 sets 300.00ea
– 6-10 sets $285.00set
– Shafts are still currently at $38.00 but could raise.
– Bearings $17.50ea.
****Shipping is not included – You will have to pay for shipping****

Important: This modifications were necessary for most accessible parts also to keep the prices low.

Blades were modified to fit the 1″ shaft (this set will fit perfect if you buy their shaft and bearings)

Shaft is 1″ with ends machined to 3/4
Bearings are 3/4

Website: http://www.bbcsteel.com
Contact for BBC Steel: Randy randy@bbcsteel.com

You can email Randy Including your name and state you would like to order the shredder parts, keep in mind the prices may be going up due to the material going up in price. BBCSTEEL is one of the few companies that is wiling to work at small scale (one set at the time) Not all companies are willing to work this way since we can’t order in bulk (100s at the time)

Again, We can not afford to lose this company so email with discretion and be polite, this would be ideal for people who require receipts and invoices (If for business, School districts, Non Profit)

Any question don’t hesitate to message me.

I invite everyone to join “Precious Plastic USA” group on Facebook

***If you have a better option of better deal please let us know as we always look for better ways to bring cheaper and more accessible options for the community****

Just for clarification. This is for a complete plastic shredder unit, minus motor, for $1,050 for one, or $850 per unit in groups of ten? And an additional $150-200 for shipping and handling?

@msnmck Keep us posted

@msnmck, sorry, we’re little late this week. we post the link to shredder issues/ hacks and buying guides as well bazar reviews later next week here. for now, the only reasonable value & price ratio i can see here and here (this one is using single phase, not good).

Currently waiting for the design update that @pporg mentioned in my quotation thread before I consider placing an order.  Not so much “waiting” as “unable to commit to ordering right now anyway.”
BBC Steel is significantly cheaper than the prices I was quoted by other companies, so I still appreciate your recommendation.  For the current design it looks like the Bazar might have some pre-built ones for even cheaper if you can catch them in-stock, though.

mrwashington send me a message I can give you some advice

msnmck  I’m sorry I’ve been so busy at work, I will contact Randy and update the price list also I will add another option and a good builder that sells already made shredders.

Hey Everyone,


I’m a tech ed teacher, who’s a novice when it comes to machine building. We decided to build these machines for our materials processing class.

Any chance someone would be willing to chat with me? I received funding to order these parts and need to spend the money ASAP. McMaster Carr is a verified vendor of which I’m attempting to acquire a quote but am nervous of what I should order because of the lack of my experience.

Does any have a quote or could tell me what I need to ask for so that I have the necessary materials to start constructing the shredder and extruder?

– 1 set: $400.00

– 2 to 9 sets: $275.00 per set, (really good price)

Just got my quotes back from this company and the current price as of April 2019:
– 1 set $450.00
– 2 sets $350 per set
Plus shipping, of course.

Hate to bump an old thread, but I’d just like to say I’m glad I found it.  I’ve spent all week trying to get quotes and it’s discouraging.  Closest I got so far was eMachineShop which has tried to work with me but has a quoting system which requires you to use their inconvenient online submission form.  Currently sitting on a $250 quote for the 3MM parts.  Waiting on the rest.  Also their system allows you to request metric but converts your request to imperial, which makes me wonder if I should start over with the community conversions.  Hate to stop now when the nice lady’s been working with me these last few days.  Also waiting on a quote from Alabama.
Here’s hoping for the best.

Updated Again July 2018

Updated as June 2018

@buktoff like stated on my post, you can contract randy at randy@bbcsteel.com with your order or if you would like to buy an already assembled shredder you can contract @justinc

@jonniepalmer please see @justinc reply

@treasurestate you can contact Randy at randy@BBCSTEEL.com with your order or if you would like to buy an already assembled shredder you can contract @justinc

Have you ordered already treasurestate? I’m on the other side of the state and would like one and possibly know someone near you that would be interested.

is any of this current pricing/building? Have to ship to MT or SD unless I find someone traveling my direction.

does the set have everything i need to make the shredder?

I’m selling full sets of parts for DIY builds and complete units. Cost includes domestic shipping and a donation to Precious Plastic. With all of the parts and shipping added up you’ll find that the pricing is competitive with most other options and saves a lot of time researching and sourcing.


I too am interested in going in on a 2+ order for the price break (I only need one). I am in Helena, MT – Let me know what you are thinking for timelines, etc.