USA Looking for Laser cut parts

I’ve had trouble getting metric thickness steel. Does anyone know where I order parts in the USA or someone who ships to the USA

Lucas: I’m working (right now, I came to the forum today to ask about translating the part names/descriptions) on a conversion of the machines, starting with the shredder, into English/Imperial/US standard units, parts and sizes. Right now I’m assuming 4, 6 and 8 gauge stainless steel, and parts specified from McMaster whenever possible. Contact me at and I’ll work with you to get you set up.


Hi, I got a quote for having parts cut. It was about $1300 for the shredder parts to be laser cut. This was for Stainless Steel with the 5mm pieces. Does that sound reasonable? I’m not in a hurry and could wait if anyone is putting together batch orders.

@dreek00 yep I think $300 for all parts, because I sent him an email with that file and asked how much it would cost to make all 17 parts

@qnguyen198 $300 for all the parts? did you gave him the right quantity for each little part?

I contacted a company called AmeriStar Laser in Minneapolis, MN ( and asked for a quote. The guy there said that it would cost around $300 to make the parts in the attached file. I didn’t order from him because my handymen in Vietnam were able to cut these parts but I think you should check this company out.

Also been waiting for a reply from the guys from mexico its been a month 🙁

Here are the plans, modified, to use imperial units. This may be preferred because you have access to multiple suppliers and can pick the right price…

@andresornelas After a week and a half of digging I see why. Laser cut parts are very hard to come by. And you guys have the lowest price even before calculating the money saved in shipping.

For anyone else in the U.S. just contact these guys and start building another machine while you wait.


Hi @snowpoff! Apologies for the delay! We’re overwhelmed by the demand and are struggling to keep up.

I’ve just replied to your messages via email, so let me know if you have any other questions!


ps. Thanks for the ping, @xxxolivierxxx!

Well from what I’ve been seeing international shipping is upwards of $300 so even between 10 people that’s an additional $30 cost. not to mention the additional shipping from the most central buyer.

I’m located in Belgium and could laser the parts.
Shipping internationally is expensive, but if a lot of people need a set I might be able so send everything in 1 bulk to the US and then ship everything from there.
Price for 1 set, 3 sets, 5 sets, 10 sets, … varies extremely much.
So maybe it’s interesting to gather all the people from the US that need a set of laser cut parts? So we can get an accurate quote for the parts?
So, let’s all gather together and see how many sets we need!

@qnguyen198 I will keep you posted.

@concretebox I know 3mm converts to 11 gauge steel. However 5mm and 6mm don’t have exact conversions. 3/16 and 1/4 are close but you’d have to convert the housing and the blade gapping would be wider

Hi, we are from the Twin Cities, Minnesota and looking for the laser cut parts too. Let us know if you have 1 set available and willing to ship to our address. Thanks!


I’ve emailed them but they still haven’t gotten back to me a week and a half later.

You can email and those guys will sell you an assembled (or dissasembled), or the laser cut parts.