USA Shredder Build. Possible Kit Supplier

Here is a quick clip of my progress with editing all the files to work for the US raw stock sizes.(Inches vs Metric)

Tried to post as gif, but somehow the file went from 4mb to 19mb??? I dunno.

In the video you may notice the mounting holes. I suspect that version 3 will be showcasing the efficiency modifications that Agile? Suggested to implement. I am working on those edits as well for the US-Standard version stock sizes. I still have alot to work on, but I already have the waterjet cutter awaiting the final prints so I can produce my first machine for Testing. Once completed I intend to scale the blades up to 6″.

@davehakkens how far out is your version 3 prototype?

Looking good! We will have the offline version of V3 ready in October. Then we need some time to document it for online. However most updates will be on the platform itself and things to make with the machines. Not machine updates. That said we might do a small update on the shredder 🙂

@ dreek00 Thanks I’ll be there! Great Idea.

@ toochi84 No Problem. Congrats. Any way you could at least catch me up on some of the issues you’ve come across with this mod? I’ll be arranging the model on sketchup today to make sure it all fits with my dimensional changes.

I’m going to try to move forward on the standard conversion too. I’m assuming the cost of cutting metric stock is what’s driving the high price here?
There’s a shop here near Asheville,NC that is telling me I’m still within the minimum setup costs on their laser cutter. $60/for each sheet.

I haven’t been able to work any further on my standard inch version. Work has been very busy, and my side job is also absorbing the majority of my time outside of raising a family. I’m planning on finishing it up on the next shop shutdown, which is around the time V3 comes out. So looks like any mods that the home PP crew makes will be available in my version.

@lwfbiochar No, I am working with metric shredder parts and some standard parts too is crazy 🙂
There is a company where you can order the shredder in metric Located in Oregon see my post here:

Also we are doing a live streaming on Youtube this Sat 12th which would be helpful
see my post here:

@dreek00 , so have you altered the CADfiles for imperial dimensions? Or did you source metric plate? Good Idea about the 3/4 bearings.

@lwfbiochar Hi, I am building the regular version shredder I just have a problem with the Hex bar and bearings, I dont seem to find a 20mm bore bearing (in USA 🙂 ) so I bought a 3/4 bearing which now I would have to re do the hex bar so it can fit the bearing.

Updates from anyone on this thread?
@toochi84 your progress looks great. Am I correct you’re building a ‘normal’ size shredder first from SS plate at common USA dimensions? I’d love to start in on this too…. would much rather help move along a collaborative effort than re-invent the wheel
@dreek00 are you building something similar?
@snowpoff I too would like to try this new tooth design and stick with the 27mm hex bar. Have you built it?

@toochi84 No, I need the 27mm bar cad file

I know is confusing I am working with both and is crazy

@dreek00 I haven’t been able to make 1.5″ hex modification yet, if that’s what you were looking for.

@toochi84 is there a way you can share with me the hex bar cad file?


I already have planned to implement the smaller cutting radius on the blade. The video showcases the original design with modifications to the exterior box framework. I haven’t had time to work on it more.

Other modifications will include:
-6″ Blades
-nominal inch dimensions
-US standard Inch raw stock materials
-ebay sourced availability
-possible 1.5″ hex shaft(haven’t priced)

I’m also looking into doing a black oxide finish on the blades vs going stainless steel for a significant price savings. Stainless costs 4x regular steel. But either way, my base prototype will be regular steel, and can be swapped out for stainless if the oxide finish doesn’t work out to be a long term solution.

If you’re already editing the files might I suggest checking out the Shredder 2.1 thread? It shows an upgrade to the blades that shreds more efficiently with less motor strain.