Use old Camshafts as shredder shaftteeth

Just a thought … I am wondering if one or two old camshafts from a car or truck engine could be used as a shredder shaft/teeth.

The cams are offset from each other and are made of very hard steel. An angle grinder could be used to cut the tooth shape into each cam lobe. Perhaps even the existing bearings could be used. The whole engine head may serve as a base with a ‘fixed’ tooth bar bolted parallel to the camshaft. The fixed tooth bar may be shaped with an angle grinder to suit the cam teeth. Cut out the head between the bearings for the exit screen. Just bolt on a hopper using the existing head cover bolt holes.

With less but wider teeth, maybe the shaft can spin a bit faster.

A camshaft would definitely be a more available item over laser cut pieces and bearings in many parts of the world, maybe even coupled to a small petrol motor …

I would love to experiment, however, my space is severely limited as I am floating around on my yacht in SE Asia at present … plenty of plastic here however 🙂

Very inspired by Dave’s work … and well done to all …

I suppose it could work, but I’m not really sure of the advantage. Getting parts cut on a laser really isn’t that big of a deal, and my guess it wouldn’t save you a lot of money. Not to mention with wider teeth, you’re going to be making bigger pieces.