(used) HEXAGONAL RODS – a possible source

Hey, there!

Anyone who has problems to source a piece of hexagonal rod as shaft for his shredder to be might try this option.

There are lots and lots of used hexagonal steel rods – world wide!
They are being used in handheld drill hammers of the stone crushing industry – quarries -and partly also by the construction industry .

So, if there is a quarry near your place you stand a good chance to be able to satisfy your needs there at reasonable cost.

The rods come with diameters ranging from 22mm, 25mm, 28mm to 38mm and more and are between 90cm, (3′), and more than 3m, (10′), long.

If you want to polish your knowledge about drill rods generally you may access the website:

Please, keep in mind that the bore of the shredder blades has to be modified in case it is different from the one in Dave’s blueprint.

It is wise to first get the rod and than have the shredder blades cut.

Happy shredding! Life is good!


Great Source of information Thankyou Zimmi great out of the box thinking. Love your work