Useful cycle process of plastics wastes in Vietnam

Hi all People living in Vietnam,
I am glad to be part of this plastic savers army.
Since 3 years i live here i started already some involvment in doing many differents projects from architecture to furnitures through kids entertainment enhancement.
(I did already a playground for children with a friend in north Vietnam,collect funds, design, construct with community, and kept talking to try to maintain the playground (see: “les toupies de can chu phin” on google) My initial idea was to make a network of playground along the road but anyway (may be later)… after that project i intended to do a process to collect wastes along the road too. Unfortunately, no time and no community to develop it.
With the “seed” planted by Dave in my mind during my recent trip to the North again, i gave a new skin to my first idea about plastic wastes in an hopefully durable process.

The idea is like this :
Poor people in this region still collect wastes to earn some money.
Problem : in the Mountains they only collect aluminium cans, as nobody buy them plastics.
First pro : if someone buy them plastics, sure they will clean it up very fast.
Cons: Buying them bags full of plastics wastes, then bring it to a recycle point (if some exist) cost something.
Make a recycle point (in a bigger city like Hanoi for instance) to make products can be sold in a shop with good price because of a good intention behind can allow us to collect enough funds to…
Make some all in one machines (i will develop this point later in the all-in-one machine concept topic) can be installed at strategic points in the poor areas to allow communities to reuse plastics themself to make useful products for them:
– ropes to carry woods and grass,
– why not new simple trek shoes for free
– baskets,

I will try to add some more details soon
Looking forward to discuss more with you, interested people.

Nb: sorry for my mistakes of english language.
See you


Hello @benjamin50,

I’m a french guy living in Da nang and i m scared by the quantity of platic we use here and can’t recycle!
I would like to start a full preciousplastic process here but i don’t really know how to start!
Do you have the machines? how long and how much it takes here to build them? have you pushed forward your idea in Hanoi?

See you,