Using a paper shredder for light, thin materials

I just watch the video about marbled plastic from plastic bags.
Since the material is so light and thin, I wonder if a paper shredder would work.
This would make the process more accessible to the home hobbyist.
Anyone tried this?


I wouldn’t recommend the use of any paper shredder even for thin materials, unless you’re shredding very thin ldpe plastic bags.

Paper shredders specs mention the maximum amount of sheets you can shred together. the average number for a simple desktop shredder as far as I remember is between 3 and 5 sheets of 80grs white paper. This means they do not have enough torque for thicker/denser materials

I’ve bought a cross-cut level 4 shredder about 2 years ago and I’m facing problems even when I use it with paper.

Note that you cannot hack a paper shredder since most of its parts are covered to avoid any hazard. So unless you have technical skills and a lot of patience, don’t change anything.

Thin plastics like plastic pockets can fit easily in a shredder. whether or not plastic does not jam a paper shredder is a question I cannot answer 🙂

Good luck if you will to sacrifice an old shredder to make some experiments 😉