Using heating coil

Hello guys,
What about using a heating coil inside a metal box instead of an oven for melting the plastic???


Since an electric oven is a metal-box with a heating tube (squared instead of coiled), you are just re-inventing the oven – it is doable, but it is easier to use an working oven that already has a thermistor, buttons etc.

Guess it’s not as easy to find a free/cheap electric oven in India.
Your idea should work just fine, you could even use a clay oven.
If it’s easier to get gas, you might try that aswell, but I think it’s harder to have exact control over the temperature with gas.

A hybrid could be a nice idea if power is expensive – heat the oven up with gas first, and then keep the temperature with electricity.

You should wrap it in rockwool (not glass fibres – they will irritate your skin) for insulation. Ideally you should cover the rockwool with some metal sheets.

Good electric ovens tend to have the heating element embedded in the bottom/top, this helps prevent burns vs an open element as in cheaper electric ovens. You might wanna cover the heating element(s) with metal plates in such a way that they don’t touch the element, and the air can move freely around it. A small metal fan connected with a shaft to a motor trough the wall will give even better heat-distribution.

I don’t think that we should discount this idea too fast… I wish I could work with plastic while it is still in a hot metal box. Something like that might be helpful for hand molding shapes or just handling larger items than the compression oven.