Using pedal power for shredder

Hiya guys has anyone tried using an old bike to power the shredder? If you use the right gearing it should work right?


maybe something like this

For those who don’t have access to welding stuff or metal, you could always use something even more simple…… scissors, or how about a guillotine that is also used to cut card, I know it will take a bit longer, but it is another option.

Excellent work Simon. I’ve been to busy atm to attempt a build. I also have no work space so need to join my local hackspace to create something.

@simonm Any further improvements to the shredder? Pedal power is brilliant.


I have put together a pedal powered shredder (though it is still a work in progress atm). You can see my post about it here –



Maybe this is you idea

Look this is a prototype manual im find it in youtube

Instersting the BBC video but maybe we can adapt it for works with yours legs like a normal bicycle

I have a littler problems with get the motor and cut the sheet metal, someone help me, please?

In Guatamala there is a guy that uses bikes to make pedal powered machines
look here Pedal Powered Machines And he also has some drawings made of each tool, or sketchup. He calls his creations: Bicimáquinas


and the video

Hi everyone,

This is exactly what I am hoping to do at the school I work in to recycle all the plastic used by the students and staff.

Something similar is shown in this BBC video from a few years back, although the bike doesn’t look particularly comfy!

At least it proves that it can be done!

Hope this helps.



This post inspired me, and I am in the process of building this.

I hope to have it finished in the next 3 or 4 weeks. I will post info when it is done.


I would either use a dedicated bike with a stand and some sort of PTO for the chain drive. An old excersise bicycle has a good stand and the hardware for it.

An eco idea would be to use your everyday bike on a Bike-shredder stand to drive the machine whenever needed to shredd.

That’s a great idea! Could we have a CAD design adapted to Dave’s shredder machine?

By the way, I’m willing to discuss about molds for plastic production, wanna join?

I made an account to come suggest this idea of the bike powered shredder. Just another step in being more green, also could save alot by not having to find/buy a motor.

Good evening Dave, I did like to be a part of your on going projects which I find very innovative and lucrative. Pls let me know how I can get your product and possibly get trained on this whole innovative project. Looking forward to hearing from you. Here is my number if you don’t mind +353899512197 Toju


I think you might be onto something to replace the expensive and sometimes hard to come by electric motor.

I think that if you use the right gear ratio you might just be able to pull it off. A typical humans has a power output of 150W to 200W when he/she is on a bike. So in my opinion, that could be viable. it just would not go really fast I think.

I like your idea, gonna follow this 🙂