Using plastic waste to make roads!

In this video the man use plastic waste to make roads!

Imagine that in a third world country!

They can make roads from the waste around them!

What do you guys think?

How can it be affordable and human size? Can you think about a local small machine?





Great idea indeed… However, not sure about the feasibility with PP…

@vasy I think, to be honest, it is a bad idea. He uses all kinds of plastic and mixes it with asphalt. So it will not be possible to recycle it after its end of life.

But I do like the idea to use recycled plastics in this enormous scale.

I can imagine machine what is not on industrial level and the local and third world countreas can afford it.


This is a great idea on so many levels. I foresee the issue in the UK would be pressure from the large aggregate companies with vested interests.

Third world areas with poor infrastructure and an abundance of waste however….