Using the map to organisate plastic collects

Hi guys,

I have been watching the community map lately, and I realized there is a lot of hands up who “want to get started”.
According the profil and the people I have contacted, those hands up has a project to recycle plastic but also a lack of…something ! Time, skills, money, friends…depends of each case.

I think those people, who “want to get started”, might start from the beginning : collect plastic.

From the map, user could organize  there own collect event locally. Thank to it, people get involved in the community by meeting each other in real life.

For beginner → it’s a good way to get part of the recycling cycle, and learn from experimented people.
For recycler → it’s a easier & faster way to collect plastic and build a local community around.

Do you think this idea is useful/feasable ?
Do you have ideas to improve it ?

Thank guys


Thanks @taylor to remind me to UP this 🙂