V3 download pack files not coherent

I noticed in the STEP CAD model the machine shows as 14 blades and 165mm long but the drawing sheets do not match up.  As if the drawing sheets were from a earlier version?


I have a big batch of shredder axles based on the drawings only toi find that they were all waste as the drawing says the center hex shafting is supposed to be 145mm and in reality it is 165mm.  I have been fighting this issue for months until last week realizing that the drawing sheet was wrong.


In addition, finding that the 27mm hex shaft is not very common where I live and the 20mm shaft seems a bit weak.  I upgraded it to 32mm hex bar and 25mm shafting for the shredder power input.


Also finding that 2hp is having some issues with shredding.  Have moved up to larger motors with a 5hp single phase motor to be tested in the next week or 2.  I have also used 6.5hp gasoline engine on the shredder with success, although it appears that I have to run the engine at full throttle to get the thick necks of PET soda bottles shredded successfully.

same, here, @davehakkens: what are the steps to make a community 3.1 update ??? There is tons of input.

@btmetz, yup, 4Kw is definitely more fitted for the job and after giving the blades a good edge (twist) it’s running like charm. just to let you know: with 4kw you can add up to 5 more blades.