Variable Frequency drive

I would like to know about the issue of connecting a VFD to 3 phase induction motor for shredder machine application.

could you please describe what the problem is ? Searching youtube for ‘wire VFD’ gives you lots of info on this. Its actually really simple, you can’t do much wrong with the wiring (and grounding!!!) but you can have trouble setting the right parameters (set 50Hz as max. and base operating frequency)

cables, frame tubes, nuts and bolts, breaker, consumables (welder, grinder discs, grinding paper, ink …) are also missing, easily up to 100e. seriously, if you build this from scratch it’s quickly 1000 Euro, and still not near the quality as the 2k shredders in the bazar 🙂 but hey, no worry, we went long enough over this topic

btw. a 2.2 kw motor with reducer, new, cost 380 here in spain, good quality, new and it’s a pretty low price (friend price) for the value. most Ebay offers end in the 1.5 Kw range, ordering from the manufacture’s reseller is around 600 Euro, excl. shipping and VAT. In Germany from a good and cheap source it’s around 480 Euro. Also, I never found such configuration on any of the dozens of scrapyards i visited. Even second hand markets won’t sell this spec below 350 …. same in France, Italy, Andorra or Portugal. The Netherlands must be very special place where they throw such things away for near free, lol :open_mouth:

yep, mentions a motor but not the reducer (200-300 new), couplings (50 – 100 ) or the inverter (120) to make this really work as it has to be done 🙂

ah good then 🙂

In the Bill of Materials is stated that you need a ±_2kw motor. So already you miss about 25% of the power. Then, this is with a mechanical reducer. If you don’t have the gearbox, you won’t increase the couple with a VFD!

you seem to be another poor victim who walked into incomplete and vague build specs. according to user feedback, you need at least 2.2 Kw at 1480 RPM (a very common motor speed) with a transmission of 1:20. It’s not the more energy efficient transmission but these worm gear boxes are more available. However this is the mid-range configuration and here in Europe this is around 600 Euro to get all (motor, reducer, inverter) together. Please check the forum also for the ‘ultimate motor guide’ or so.

After shredding myself a lot, I’d rather recommend a 4Kw motor ( this pushes you in the 1000 Euro range).

what about the transmission gearbox ? please add some pictures as well (motor, reducer, inverter). You need around 50 -70 RPM on the drive shaft (300Nm). 2Hp sounds right on the edge to
not-enough-power 🙂

I actually used a 3 phase 2  hp induction motor for my shredder machine. I coupled a VFD to it and it started operating. But I am not getting sufficient torque to cut plastic.