Verified machine builderaccording to drawings

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Can you tell us a little more about the verified machine builder thing ? Because ‘according to our drawings’ seems not really a good idea as we know by heart. When we’ve built the first time your machines we encountered a lot of problems, things obviously had to be improved or components had to be entirely replaced by better variants. I think this field in the bazar is really misleading. In 9 requests out of 10 we have to explain customers that the v3 machines are not really good for long-term or professional usage and so we’re pushing for better versions of v3.

What I am saying is that you should really think twice when claiming you a sort single source of truth, you are obviously not an engineer or a machine builder 😉 and thus you are not in the position to ‘verify’ or claim your or others version of the machines are good or bad. It just creates confusion and a hell of communication time on our end. I don’t need to repeat but we’re spending up to 4 hours a week to correct or debunk your claims in the v3 kit. You should seriously take distance from such things and rather take ‘versions’ or variants of machines into account. I know you like to earn all the credits but that goes pretty far again 🙂



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If I somehow understand and agree with some points you raise, I want to add a detail based on my usual paid job (that I want to leave, but this is not the subject).

They spoke about CE certification on the machines, which is mandatory if you want to use them with workers, in a business society. And amongst other boring thing in my previous job, I was in charge on CE certificate for our builded machine (far far bigger than PP machine, but still). You have to make your plan approved by a third part (BV, Lloyds…), then you can then not change them, even just for a small additional drill. The same for construction, that should be done according to specific procedures and controls.

Therefore if using approved plans and builders go a bit outside the open source concept, it is mandatory for CE certificates. In my point of view, both can existing in parallel : open source construction and experimentation for fab-lab & CE built machine for business man with a plan in our world system.