Video Help!

Over the next few days until Feb 21 or so, I will be building a shredder and injection molding machine for delivery and set up in Coron, Philippines.


Looking for some help with the editing and put together the video.


I can dump the raw video in Dropbox.


Video is not my strong suit.   🙁




Some graphics used on the local FB page to promote the upcoming trip

AdobePremiere is indeed a little overkill and as far I remember iMovie and FinalCut is pretty easy and straight forward, compared. Comes with storybook and templates, but you need a bloody Macindoof 😉

I am trying to make it look in the style of the videos out there produced by Dave.

Sadly my last regular experience with Adobe Premiere was in 2003.


This is where Im at now.


1 still pictures of purchasing various materials in Manila’s Chinatown area.

2 B roll of plastic blowing in the wind at the port area, along with the squatter areas, piles of trash in the street, etc.


3 Today I will record cutting shredder frame parts, welding, assembly, etc at my home shop and the bigger shop I use.


4 tickets have been booked to the Island of Buswanga (aka Coron Philippines)  We will take the machines there departing on the 19th (next week) and arrive in Coron to hand off to Baz there for use with their ocean cleanup project.  I will shoot video of the boat trip and other things along the way as it comes up.


I can upload the raw files to dropbox.


Hello, what you want to do to with the video?

In northern Palawan the coral triangle conservancy is about to establish a marine protected area. They would like to set up a small workshop to treat plastics that they will harvest on the beach and in the ocean. The goal would be to collect and sort plastics and turn it into valuable items. This workshop will be key for their strategy to act against plastic pollution at the marine protected area and widely at the island level. It will allow to:- Reduce the island trash and marine debris on shore.- Generate value from plastics otherwise burned in open fires.- Give a second life to the material in a circular economy logic. – Give the opportunity to the local community to have a tool that will allow them to generate income from trash collected and preserving the environment at the same time.