How clean does the plastic have to be? Are there any designs for a washer to go with the current set up? Could seawater be used or would the salt affect the machines?
Thinking of plastics that are in water ways and on beaches.

basically, the cleaner the input the cleaner the output. Seawater could be a nice option! We haven’t developed a washer yet, still exploring whats the best/most effective way to do this. If you have more suggestion, keep them coming!

I’ve had some success with ABS electronics covers put into my Dishwasher. it doesn’t work very well with areas covered with labels, but if it’s surface cleaning you are looking for, I.E. not something that’s been run over a bunch of times by cars, then I would suggest this, so long as the plastic you’re cleaning can withstand the heat of the dishwasher.

I feel like Steam cleaning would work very well with labeled areas, so long as you could control where the steam went and could ensure that the labels came off entirely.

Well we have the same problem in the caribbean, we would like to melt in the same island where the tourist brings it.

I’m from a coast town and (except water) the most efective way to take out the sand or salt, after you wash the plastic with salt water, is rubing it so we can try with a brush or with a piece of fabric. And maybe i’m going to say something stupid but what if we begin developing piece by piece to clean, because usually what the tourist brigns to the islands are plastic bottles with almost same size and form.

There are companies that shred, then steam clean the shreds before (in their case) melting the shreds into the standard pellets- like nardles.
So I was wondering if a steamer would be more efficient than a washer.

So if your machine chops, then steams/dries, THEN moves into the molders- you could have cleaner products without having to use a lot of water actually washing the pieces? Here in California we are very short on water and any chance to use less or non potable water is worth exploring.

Well you got that oven from some sort of recycling plant. Maybe they also have an old washing machine or dishwasher you can rebuild to fit some plastic? About the sea water. I dont think that is a good idea. The salt that is left on the plastic could rust the machines pretty darn fast. This way they probally need replacing pretty soon.