Waste Less Arugam Bay Project

Hi All,
We started a new project which received funding from USAID.
It is basically an intervention into a tourist destination. As waste management and recycling is usually hidden away we brought everything to the public eye and hope to influence tourist, business owners and local population to change habits.
We have a baling machine (which we think is key whenever loads of plastic is accumulated, can’t shred all this! and especially PET is to tricky for PP machines we think) to bale those terrible plastic bottles in front of the public but we also provide access to a water filtration system to promote the easy solution to the extreme amount of PET waste generate through tourism. Refill!.
The other space is the PP shredder and PP injection molding machines so visitors can make their own waste plastic souvenir. We have heaps of PP bottle caps which are easy to shred and don’t need cleaning.
Soon we will start an educational program in partnership with Waste Less India which is well worth checking out (wastelessindia.org)
More info about our project at wastelessabay.com
Thanks to Dave, Mattia and all of you working on this so we can make use of the machines, knowledge and inspiration.
Stop by when you are in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka.


few more pics:)

Hi @davehakkens, thanks man. We outfitted everything with peg walls and the hole size is the same as the pipe of the injection machine so we can make pegs our selfs and change the space according to what sgelf space we need or audience we expect.
We have funding to rent that space for two years which is great but after that I don’t think we can afford this prime location but let’s see. So the containers will stay put for that time and then we can either move to a new (cheaper, less public) location or even new tourist town (we are getting quite good feedback within Sri Lanka so hopefully we can replicate). Containers are super because there are no building permissions necessary also.
Come over to Sri Lanka!
Cheers and looking forward to see V4.

WOOOWW looks incredible!  Really like that you made the space neat and pleasant to work in. Like our container but better! Is it going to be moving or fixed there?  Either way a good reason to visit Sri Lanka!  Keep up the hard work there.

*Also story of stuff video  👊