We made trophies!

August has been crazy for us, crazy but great. So many unique requests from enthusiastic people who want to make something from recycled plastic. One of those requests came from Sea Soldier Surabaya. They have this meeting held annually to talk about problems and solutions regarding to the ocean, and they wanted to give the key speakers some sort of appreciation trophies with wood and recycled plastic, so they came to us.
If you’ve been keeping an eye out for our creations, we made a canister with leather glued on it previously, but this time I didn’t want to use glue. After trying multiple times to see which way works best, we ended up drilling some holes in X formation to attach the pieces and secure the plastic to wood. That way when the plastic was molded, it entrs the holes and lock itself in. It worked great for us! Also because different plastic types have different behaviors, we learnt that HDPE was the best material for this product. It doesn’t shrink as much as PP. Message on the trophies were done by heat stamp/engravings.

Recycled plastic ✔️
Reclaimed wood ✔️
No glue ✔️
Eco-friendly trophies ✔️