Hello all, my name is Brogen. I’m an art and design student located in Norfolk, a county in Britain, and I’m a great enthusiast towards helping to make a BIG change about plastic pollution. I am wanting to create a community of plastic beach collectors within the area I live in and then use that collected plastic and turn it into new products, but I don’t have any way of shredding this plastic other than a house hold blender, nor do I have any way of melting the plastic other than using my house hold oven. I would love for this idea to go worldwide and have communities all around collecting polluted plastic from their local beaches and then being able to construct new products from it, a weekly collecting time would be great, knowing that communities around the world are collecting from beaches at the same time you are #weeklybeachcleanup. If anyone has any ideas or feedback about this idea please do get in touch, my personal email is brogenberwick1@gmail.com