Welding machine

Hello everybody!

I want to start my own Precious Plastic workshop.

I own most of the tools required, except a welding machine.

Welding is main part of building the 4 main machines as I saw at the videos.

Which specs do I have to look for when buying a welding machine? any recommendations? A second hand machine is also in mind.

Kind regards,


Frankly, I have the same problem on both shredders (AISI304 & mild steel).


Hi Roy,

first step will be to select the type of welding You want to do. Basically there are 4 different processes for home shop welding.

1. Oxy-Acytelen torch
Good for thin metal, Sheets thicker than 8mm are time and gas consuming. Its not really adapted for welding stainless. Requires a lot of Training before results are acceptable.

2. Electric Stick Welding.
Simple Setup, very Basic devices are sold for less than 100€. Can weld material 3mm thickness and up. Thinner material requires experience, below 2mm doesnt work. For welding stainless inert gas Equipment is much better.
Requires some Training before weld look and Quality are acceptable.

Works with thin material, also good for 10mm and up materials if You have a powerful welder (high amperage). Equipment isnt cheap, but fine for stainless too. Has a steep learning curve for beginners, fastest to learn. But Attention, beginner welds are known for poor strength because welds are often only glued to the metal, missing Penetration.

4. WIG
Universal technique, very well adapted to small parts. Welding Speed is low compared to MIG or stick. Can weld thin and thicker materials. Useable for many materials, but Equipment isnt low cost.
Difficult to learn welding technique, You will Need a lot of Training before You can weld something useful.