What about metals

Afternoon Dave & Community,

I love what you’ve done with creating this low cost plastics life-cycle that we can all use and benefit from!!

However, I’d like to suggest that perhaps there is a way to extend this full life cycle of plastics recycling to metals. I’m working on a machine that will 3d print with all amorphous metals using a single print head and no lasers, no powders, no high voltage, no plasma, no electron beams or anything expensive like that at all!! I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to use the same technology to shred scrap metals and extrude metal into a wire, compress metals into flat shapes and inject liquid metal into molds. Much of this can already be done with some basic back-yard forge technology. Maybe this is the big disruption you are looking for in your version 3.0? Precious Metals?!

I’d like to talk about partnering and working on getting our designs as part of your portfolio of machines!

Hit me back, thanks!

metals have high melting point but these machines aren’t designed to reach such high temperatures. also i don’t think metal trash is a large problem because they are so expensive that everyone is ready to recycle it and make use of it whuch sadly isnt the case with plastic.
but i yeah the same concept can be applied to metals of melting and pouring them in molds, i am not sure about the filament part of metals, that seems tricky.

The melting temp problem is what I have solved. I can melt any amorphous metal with a single technology and only the power of a 100 watt light bulb! Extruding and recycling, even 3D Printing with metals is about to become dirt cheep and easy as pie! 😀 All the metal scrap yards around the world are going to become treasure! Building your own metal 3D printer will only cost less than $10,000 USD…not $250,000! Besides, building your own metal forge out of an old water heater or air compressor tank is already easy enough to do in any garage on Earth! Even the recipe for carbon ceramic crucibles is online! So it’s even possible to forge cast high temp metals like Steel and Platinum. Making metal filament might be a little tricky but I’m pretty confident it can be done given the fact that we have the melt technology, I don’t see why not. This community is all about solving the big ticket problems…so I say lets go all out!! Being able to recycle all metals and all plastics at the local level and low cost solves about 90% of the problems out there!