What do you open those files with

I’ve sent these off to a guy at Exactbuilt however he is having an issue opening the files that go with this project he said they wouldn’t open with Autocad or Draftsight.

can anyone advise me on what he should use to view the files ?

Hi Kurt,

Which files did you send him? If it is the files with the .dwg file type, he can open them with autoCAD.

In saying that, when I open them (I have AutoCAD 2015) I do get an error message appear advising that the NLS files required to convert the text entities and symbols cannot be found, but I click on Yes to continue and the files still open.

Another thing he can do is view the files via the following website:


Hope that helps


i have another question. how about the cad files? cant seem to open them with both programs.

thanks!! didnt expect such a quick response.

some ideas

autodesk 2017 dwg viewer

Edrawings, solidworks dwg and dxf

hi. im having a problem. i cant seem to find a free ware to open the files. can anybody help?