What exactly is this forum?

What is this? It looks like the Precious Plastic forum (which, if I recall correctly, was shut down a while ago) has been migrated here? Is that what’s going on? I just got an email notification of a reply to a post I made in PP years ago and had to reset my password to get access to the forum.

Is there any affiliation with PP or another organization? Or is this just a standalone forum/resource?

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Hi, yes, we imported the forum to here since the old was losing too much data. Consider the PP posts a backup but also as data to be referenced or researched.

As for affiliation, I am not sure how to answer this but we do serve hundreds of PP users, and we do develop and fix PP machines. But yes, we’re not related to PP Eindhoven or such.

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Other content as the OSR machines will be here soon as well.

cheers, g

Thanks! So if this isn’t affiliated with PP, with whom is it affiliated? What is OSR? I just followed an email link to get here, so don’t have any context. Perhaps an “About” page would be helpful?

OSR is a consolidation effort of community content. After years full time working on the project (precious plastic), we need changes, and all of them have been denied by the PP HQ who basically now hostage the project for profits and their buddy’s profits, incl. all sorts of manipulation and censorship.

I am writing later on an article about this, as well a video.

OSR is currently maintained by Plastic-Hub, see Instagram: Login • Instagram

However, about page and other missing things as the library are in progress :slight_smile: Have a look again in a few weeks, all subsystems should be up and running.

cheers, g

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Thanks for the info. I stopped paying attention to PP years ago. I was frankly never all that impressed, for dozens of reasons. But its particularly disappointing to hear about the corruption etc… I can’t say I’m surprised - they never really had a clue. I look forward to seeing what you share in the coming weeks!