What happens to PP after v4.0

Could someone tell us what happens to PP after 4.0 or with  Project Camp ?

We are just asking because v3 seems entirely abandoned despite all the reports and urgent needs for improvements, also empowering all the work and investments done by machine builders around the planet ….  Worsening, v4 still doesnt seem to get PP out of garage in way that we could start building shipping PP on anyones table, outside of the PP universe, ebay, maker products, etc… … no offense but this is really really sad to me 🙁

please, if anyone could enlighten us, reading the recent and valid comments on the networks just confirmes our fears …

thanks for any hint, we just would love to know where this boat is sailing 🙂

from our understanding or point of view :

– the machines and a few how-to articles is the only real portfolio which really makes PP
– most people try to get the v3 machines, often not knowing in what they are running into, kinda blindfolded buying the 4 machines at once since there is NOTHING else …
– with project kamp the most precious PP resource : the machine shop in Eindhoven gets dissolved by the end of the year, that’s horror news to me, especially  considering the modalities/resources Portugal has to offer in this regard, worst than Spain and Spain is pretty bad compared to Germany, Netherlands …
– v4 doesn’t offer a publicly extendable machine catalog, in a way that the official PP portfolio can be extended, so the community can take over/care and so Dave and his team has all the time to focus on something new, not-plastic, hehe  🙂 very legit so to say

to me, project kamp can wait, PP just got started 🙂