What is the largest volume the injection machine can deliver

Looking at the download plans it looks like the injector tube is about 115 cubic centimeters volume. After doing a little big of research this seems to be a HUGE volume. I see big commercial machines that have 15 ton pressing forces and only due 1.3 ounces of plastic per shot. Is this correct? can one actually dump 115cm3 into a mold using this simple machine?

Which makes me wonder what the actual practical limit of this DIY machine is? I supposed a lot of it will depend on the molds/dies that are used.

I also read that commercial machines use a screw type plunger to keep the plastic more uniformly heated. woudl it be better to make the machine using a 10mm internal diameter tube? I will be using black abs plastic and have no expereince using injection molding machines so I am sorry for the basic questions.

Logically speaking, to increase your injection capacity, you just need a bigger or longer tube and plunger. And probably more heating elements.
However the more plastic you’re injecting, the harder its going to be to plunge it.

Personally I’d split a mold that big into parts and stick it back together after injection

I discussed injection volumes in this thread: http://onearmy.world/community/forums/topic/injection-machines-basic-specs-limitations/