What Marketing is

Okay, this is a big conversation that I think is really not discussed enough, so I’m going to do the best I can to get this off the ground and help turn precious plastic operations into not just money makers but also a strong voice alerting people they need to refuse plastic as much as possible. Essentially, our ultimate success story as a part of precious plastic is to put ourselves out of business!

So, here we go.  (I think I’m pretty good at marketing)


From Simon Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Here’s my take:

Why are we recycling plastic?  Because we don’t want it in our landfills, in our oceans, on our streets, in our parks, in our food.


Why should our potential customers buy a precious plastic product? Purchasing one of our products sends the message that plastic is a problem and we need to change our habits.


I firmly believe we need to place this message at the forefront of our marketing.  Our products need to tell our customers and the people who come across their purchase that they need to take responsibility in reducing (if not eliminating) their plastic consumption.


I’ve recently seen some posts that pose the question, what should I make?  Well, the real question is, what is the demographic I’m able to reach and what are they most likely to buy?  Go to local stores and look around, talk to the clerk, the manager, or even the owner about what you’e doing and learn about the popular items sold there.


Marketing is more than how to get people to buy your products, its about providing and presenting products your market wants in a way people can easily understand why you’re offering them for sale.


Truth be spoken people are fooled into being ripped off their hard earned cash in the name of quality and projecting your services and products so efficiently and effectively with perfect combination of flattered words is called marketing. As digital marketing expert from cheap essay USA there are some key factors involved in marketing including advertising sales, public relations and media marketing and putting all components together into making an effective marketing strategy for promoting your business or services

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