Where to I buy these machines

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase the machines in these great videos?


Hi @jp-plastic, I’m not aware of anybody selling these machines at present.

The idea at present is to build it yourself or do it as a community project.

Or you could buy a 2nd hand machine (not these one’s) search for granulator/ shredder

We would like to use the machines to set up a production line in the sheltered workshop we work closely with. Then we will start production on a large scale to make beautiful products. We design and produce our own collection of designer products under the name RESCUED.

Want to sell the machines or make available?
I would like to hear from you.

Best Hans Peter from Holland

hi, im starting to develop the machines, i will let you know the costs of them and the shipping cost if you like. my idea is not to make business with it but it will be no problema to help you with it.