WIKI – discussions about the comunity wiki

@robksawyer has created a wiki at

this forum post is to discuss anything relating to the wiki

suggests to move everything under
(Which I think is a good idea)
I’m offering to host the wiki…for now… we’ll have to see if the traffic will be acceptable on our servers 🙂

I’ll get back to you with the info on where to redirect the DNS.

, please tell us if there is a way to export the data from the wiki interface or dump the SQL


I still think the forum is a much better way to interact with other people interested on the precious plastic project, however, the Wiki is perfect for structuring all the technical data and having an official repository for all project files, graphics, diagrams and testimonials from people who has built the machines or made any creations with them.

@beltran sorry for such a late reply. I’ve tried multiple times to clean the database, but the spammers really did a number on it and I don’t have an original backup. I’ve added the source code to and if you have a host, I can point the DNS to it. Just send me an email: team[-AT-]