Workspace units for Costa Rica high schools
Just dreaming about how cool it would be to build container sets like these with the idea of putting one at every high school in Costa Rica . Imagine if this was part of the basic curriculum . Think kids would be throwing their plastic out,or letting their family and friends get away with it?


What if it started at one school,became a senior project to build one every year and donate it to another school. So many opportunities for kids to get involved from building machines ,designing molds and new machines , business,chemistry,basically every aspect in could involve every class from art,to music to metal shop,science ……

Manipluating plastic should not be without adult supervision even when the appropriate safety equipment and practices are in place.

In my opinion, the first step is thinking about how we could make plastic recycling a much safer and with nearly zero risk to the less vulnerable people, “children”. That’s a challenge itself. Good luck 🙂