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Topic title: Write a book!
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I just learned about Precious Plastic from a blogger who meant to post a different video but embedded yours instead by mistake. LOL

I have a thought: If you want to spread the Precious Plastic technology into the developing world, having a stylish website in English will only reach a limited audience. Instead, I suggest documenting the designs and some applications in a book that can be distributed to schools in the developing world in Spanish, French, Hindi, Indonesian, etc. so there will be no need for internet access.

I can help with the French part.



@envergure I think the army is so large that everyone who is involved are already reaching out to various communities. There are people teaching, collaborating, going to other countries and building workspaces, Designing, inventinting, In my case I have been teaching the building of the shredder and documenting the process I will have a document ready in a couple of months, If you want a copy.

@plastikfantastik Ooooh that was yours! I have actually seen the document already, but not the topic itself. Nice one! Keep us updated 🙂

@katharinaelleke I have posted the first part for everyone to give feedback on or help fix it is here

Thanks @plastikfantastik, nice words!
Would be great if you can share your process document with the community once you have it ready 😊

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