Your location

I was wondering where you were located and do you mind visitors? I can’t seem to find your contact info anywhere.
I am in Colorado and hoping you are too!
I have a product that I would like to produce and perhaps one of your machines would help me in that process.

Fort Collins, CO


Hi Gayle,

The workshop is located in Helmond, Netherlands.
That would be a problem by car, I guess, and a 10 hr flight from Colorado.

Regards Kees


Im from France

best regards

Ha Daan,

sure that’s possible I guess.

Can you send us a mail, that’s easier communicating…

Hello Kees,

it is very inspiring to see the machines you’ve made! Next month i’m going to build a injection machine with mold.
before starting i was wondering if it is possible to see what you’ve already made, and talk over a few details.
is it possible to visit you in the workshop?

regards, Daan t Sas